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Alpha Shredding - Total Access

The Complete 3 Week Protocol To Getting Shredded And Building The The Body You Have Always Wanted While Spending Less Time At The Gym And Eating (Almost) Whatever You Want.
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ONE TIME OFFER!: Click YES to get my 4 Minute Workouts you can do anywhere anytime without needing any equipment! These workouts will kickstart your metabolism to start burning fat! All for just $17 One Time! (This offer is not available at ANY other time or place)

Here's What You'll Get:
  • Detailed Video instructions on how to perform each exercise with perfect form.
  • Weight Ascension Charts for Various Starting Strength Levels and Pyramids and Ladders
  • The Alpha INTAKE Protocol - A sustainable diet to follow - this is fun and you will love it
  • The Exclusive SHREDSHEET - your customizable workout plan so 
you can record your progress.
  • ALPHA ON THE GO - Mobile Workouts for easy access on your phone
  • SHRED Pysch 101 - The science behind why Alpha Shredding works so well - burn fat fast
  • The Alpha Shredding Takeover - Members Only Private Facebook Group
  • The Alpha CHEF Food Guide - showing you exactly what to eat to get shredded.
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All Training is Delivered 100% Online Via our Private Members Area.
Alpha Shredding is just 2 easy payments of $37. The 4 Minute Body is an optional extra product.
You Pay $37 today and once again in 30 days.
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